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Pay Day Marketing – Get Customers Splashing Their Money You First

Pay Day Marketing – <a href="">payday loans MO</a> Get Customers Splashing Their Money You First

Do you realize much of your customers receive money this week? That’s right, pay is right around the corner day.

What this means is before they find somewhere else to spend their hard-earned moolah that you need to be the first thing on your client’s To-Do list!

And also you definitely desire to ensure you get your consumers attention before this:

Can become this:

This weekend with that in mind, we have put together these 3 pay day marketing ideas to drive clients to book an appointment!

Pay Day Marketing – Facebook

Understandably, you don’t desire to be that apparent and shout about pay day. You do would you like to remind them exactly how good they will feel after visiting your hair beauty beauty salon.

So just how about boosting a post on Facebook this is certainly focused around reserving a consultation to you on the weekend?

Below are a few feasible choices:

(Right Click and hit Save Image As to get visual that you choose)

Pay Day Advertising – SMS

Your customers are counting the moments to cover this week day. They most likely have previously made a listing of things that they must pay for and get on the weekend. Let’s make sure that your company eventually ends up on top of this list! Read more!